Hi, I’m Peyton! Founder of Choosing Balance, a mother, a wife, and a food lover.

Creating healthy, simple recipes for a balanced lifestyle

Hi, I’m Peyton, a food and lifestyle blogger. I love sharing my recipes and life with you all. Choosing Balance is a place where I share recipes, real life, and now as a new mom- parenthood! You’ll find a mix of healthy recipes, quick recipes, fun recipes, & a little bit about my life too. Thanks for being here!

How I Started Choosing Balance

I didn’t grow up eating healthy or in a household that cooked often. We ate lots of frozen pizzas, chicken tenders, & takeout. When I was on my own in college, I found myself struggling with eating healthy, cooking for myself, and just overall navigating my relationship with food. I started Choosing Balance in 2017 as a way to connect with others learning to cook & trying to eat healthy. It has evolved into the website it is today where I share my recipes and life but I always want to keep a focus on easy, healthy recipes because that was exactly what I needed when I first started cooking for myself.


My intention behind it is to show people that it is possible to be healthy. You don’t have to live in a big city, have fancy ingredients, or spend hours a day on cooking. There isn’t a certain diet everyone has to follow and you don’t have to eliminate the foods you love. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and together let’s make this world a happier, healthier place.



Pey x

Get To Know Me

Meet The Fam!

My little family has grown so much since I first started Choosing Balance in 2017. I got engaged and married to my husband, Eli. I brought my dog, Tippy, into the marriage and we adopted our golden retriever Manning in 2019. Now we have our beautiful, sweet baby girl Palmer born in 2022. It’s been so fun sharing my life over the years!

Favorite travel experience

We love to travel and my current favorite trip to reminisce on is our trip to Jackson Hole in 2021. It was just unlike any place I’ve been! We went in October and the weather was magical.

Favorite Recipe Currently

My favorite recipe right now has to be this Apple Cider Sangria. I’ve made it so many times recently, it’s so easy to make and always a crowd pleaser!