5 Hosting Tips

These 5 hosting tips are my favorite and will make your life easier for get togethers, holiday parties, or anytime you’re making a big meal! We all know hosting can get overwhelming and of course the biggest key to success is planning. Plan ahead and use these simple tips and tricks to take some stress off you!

Label all of your baking and cooking dishes ahead of time 

This helps you avoid a last minute scramble to find the perfect dish! Just make sure you remember to remove the labels before baking haha. This helps you from that last minute panic when you go to put your brownie ingredients in a pan only to realize you used it for a casserole earlier in the day. It takes less than 5 minutes to do but can seriously save the day!

Make your house smell like fall. 

This simple simmer pot is a natural and easy way to make your house smell amazing with minimal effort. Seriously, it’s like having your favorite fall candle lit but 10x better. 

Recipe: 2 apples, sliced + 2 oranges, sliced + 3 cinnamon sticks + sprinkle of nutmeg and cloves + 1 tsp vanilla + water to cover everything 

Refresh your carpets

Make your house feel refreshed with a simple sprinkle of baking soda on rugs and carpets. Sprinkle baking soda, let sit for 15 minutes, vacuum up, and then- clean and fresh carpets!

Simply Dishes 

I love Seventh Generation’s foaming dish spray on hand to make cleaning dishes so much easier! You seriously just spray, wipe, & rinse and your dishes are clean. Plus the ingredients are great so you have a safer option for cleaning all your dishes. Linked here.

Create Drink Labels 

You can go as extra or as simple as you want with this. I used gift tags I grabbed at target! Spend a few minutes creating labels for drinks to avoid confusion among guests and cut down on drink waste.

I hope these 5 hosting tips will make your holiday season more enjoyable! Just a little bit of planning ahead can make you feel less stressed and more excited to spend time with your loved ones. Let me know if you try any of these, or if there’s anything else you would add!