Cranberry Ginger Mocktail

 I love mixing up a fun mocktail to make weeknights feel a little more special. Especially when I was pregnant, this was a go-to! This cranberry ginger mocktail is a 3 ingredient cocktail made with cranberry juice, ginger beer, & orange juice. You can make cranberry ice cubes and sugared rosemary to make this drink more fun and festive. So easy to make and super refreshing with all of the ingredients! 

What You Will Need For This Recipe:

Ginger beer 

Cranberry juice 

Orange juice 





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Cranberry Ginger Mocktail

A tasty and easy mocktail! I love a good mocktail and had so much fun last year when I was pregnant making them. This one only requires 3 ingredients but I highly suggest making some fun add ins to spice it up! 

Prep Time
5 Minutes
Cook Time
0 Minutes


1 1/2 cups ginger beer 

3/4 cup cranberry juice 

1/3 cup orange juice



Mix together and serve over ice 

Cranberry ice cubes

Add diced oranges, rosemary, and fresh cranberries to ice cube trays 

Fill the rest of the way with cranberry juice 

Freeze for a few hours 

Add to your drinks and enjoy! 

Sugared rosemary

Dip the rosemary in water then roll them in sugar 

Lay them on a plate 

Let them dry before adding to your drink!