10 Facts About Me

I turned 24 today and I figured I’d share some facts about myself with you all! If you saw this post on Instagram, skip facts 1-4 because they’re the same haha. Just wanted to do something fun to switch things up! Here are 10 facts about me:

1) I only started cooking/baking 3 years ago. We didn’t really cook much growing up because I was so picky and my mom didn’t really like it. So this account has been my journey of learning to cook/bake and experimenting in the kitchen! 

10 facts about me
2019 birthday was also our rehearsal dinner! Best birthday party ever haha.

2) I love to read and will re-read my favorite books over and over again. 

3)I hate surprises! In books that are super suspenseful, I read the beginning, then the end, then the middle because it drives me crazy to not know what happens 😂

10 facts about me
2018 birthday was spent in our hometown with our family and friends

4) I’m the most uncoordinated, unathletic person. I have zero hand eye coordination, can’t carry a tune, and can’t even clap on beat to a song. I just can’t hear a beat, only the words 🤦🏼‍♀️ 

5) I hated chocolate until I went to college. Now it’s a major part of my personal food pyramid 🤣 

10 facts about me
2017 birthday was when I turned 21! Wooo!

6) I ran a marathon in college but took about 2 1/2 years off running long distance because I didn’t have a good relationship with running and knew I needed to fix that before going back to it.

7) I’m not a type A person at all and I’m always losing everything (don’t ask Eli how many times I’ve locked myself out of the house…). 

10 facts about me
2016 we were lucky enough to be at the beach to celebrate!

8) Even though I have a public Instagram, I’m pretty shy. It took me a year of having Choosing Balance to show myself on there!

9) One of my biggest insecurities is my voice so filming video content is tough for me.

10 facts about me
Another one from 2016 – little babies!

10) My guilty pleasures: Chick Fil a lemonade, Diet Coke (I try to only have it once or twice a year. Once I start, I won’t stop haha), anything Bachelor related, celebrity gossip (I know I know not right, but I’m being honest here), white hot chocolates from Starbucks, cheesy chick lit books, and buying cute serving ware that I don’t need.

10 facts about me
Freshman year of college, 2015! I couldn’t find any from 2014 or 2013 but we didn’t take as many pictures back then!

Hope you all enjoyed these little facts! It was honestly kind of tough to come up with 10 facts about me that didn’t seem boring lol!

Here’s a picture of my birthday cake I made! I’ll add the full recipe soon but basically I just turned my lemon blueberry loaf into a cake!