A glimpse into a day in my life

This isn’t everything I eat or do in a day, just a little glimpse! Lots of coffee, good food, work, and a little fun mixed in there! Hope you enjoy this glimpse into a day in my life!

First things first: coffee! I normally make a coffee as soon as I get up. Some days it’s just coffee and milk. Other days it’s something more fun like this gingerbread coffee!

Sat outside on the porch because you have to take advantage of any nice November weather! I’ll normally journal in the mornings while I drink my coffee.

After my coffee, I throw on some running clothes and hit the road! I’ll either go for a run or do a strength workout. I try to do yoga a few mornings a week too, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

After my run, I shower then make an easy breakfast if I don’t have something prepped. It was avocado toast this morning!

Then in the morning I recipe tested. I tested/photographed 3 recipes. All of them were so good! You know I was snacking on those haha.

For lunch, Eli and I headed to Smoothie King! We love going there for lunch because you can get a filling meal that has lots of nutrients too. We both got their newest vegan flavor, the Vegan Mixed Berry smoothie! It’s made with Califia Oat milk, Sunwarrior plant based protein, strawberries, raspberries, and wild blueberries.

We love this smoothie because it doesn’t have any syrups, artificial flavors or dyes, preservatives, and it’s gluten free!

They have 19 plant based smoothie options! Like I said, the perfect easy and quick lunch option for a busy day!

I’ll eat smoothie year round haha. They always hit the spot!

In the afternoon, I worked on my computer responding to emails and working on my blog.

Then I had some meal prepped buffalo tofu. It was so easy to reheat, I made a bunch for easy dinners and lunches during the week.

I went for a walk with the dogs, then finished up some work on my computer. I had a slice of my cinnamon roll bread then we watched an episode of Schitt’s Creek before bed!

Hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into a day in my life! Thanks for reading! And thanks to Smoothie King for sponsoring this post!