Healthy Grocery List For One

I thought I’d make a printable form of my go to grocery list for the week from college! This healthy grocery list for one is not the fanciest thing around but I hope it can be useful for you! It’s totally free and printable at the bottom of the post.

I know how hard it can be starting out eating healthy. Especially in college or post grad and trying to figure out how much to buy/what to buy. When you’re just feeding one person- it can be so overwhelming to try and buy the right amount of food. Plus most recipes are made for 2+ people typically!

Now, I buy for Eli and myself so this is a little bit of a throwback grocery list. If you are buying for 2 people- I typically add in an extra protein, extra bags of veggies, and extra snacks! It just depends on how that other person eats but I still stick pretty close to this list!

I’m adding in some pictures from our afternoon snow walk today to break up the wording of all this too haha.

Typically, I shop 90% at Aldi. Then I head to a local health food store to stock up on the other 10%- snacks, name brand items, and food they may not have had at Aldi. I try to buy organic when I can but I try not to stress too much about it.

That can be controversial to say and people will disagree but I’m just sharing what I personally do and providing an aid for you to draw ideas from. I typically spent about $50-$60 a week when I only shopped for myself but I also hardly ever ate out.

Now I buy groceries for these two so things are a little different. (Tippy is a DIVA about her dog food) but not too different! Attached is my printout- let me know if you like it/ constructive feedback on the format!

Hope this is helpful!!

PRINTABLE FORM: Choosing Balance’s Grocery List