Hoka Review

I wanted to run in my Hokas for a bit before writing a full review on them. I was a dedicated Brooks tennis shoe gal for years. I ran my full marathon in them and have loved them but they get worn out so fast! Whenever my tennis shoes start to wear out, that’s when my knee and hip pain start. Also, side note, a bunch of people messaged me on Instagram when I was calling them tennis shoes asking if I meant running shoes and I use them interchangeably! So just know when you’re reading this- tennis shoe=running shoe!

So too long to read quick summary: I LOVE them!!! I was nervous to make the change because Brooks were fine but kept wearing out quickly. And spending $100+ on, you want them to be good! I heard from so many people that Hokas last a little longer. They’re basically the exact same price so price wise they match up! You just never know with making a change if you’ll end up loving or hating them. I can say- I love them!!

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Which Hokas Did I Get?

I got the Hoka One One Clifton 7. I ordered mine from Zappos because they have a policy where you can run in them for 30 days and return. We don’t have a running shoe store in town so this was the best option for me!

I personally didn’t love the look of Hokas but the ones I got I actually really like! They aren’t as bulky in person as I would have thought!

How Do They Feel?

Everyone said it felt like running on clouds and I didn’t really get that at first. It took a little bit to get used to running in them. Now that I’ve broken them in, I am obsessed!! They are so cushiony but also firm. They are a little heavier than my Brooks were but you get used to it!

How Much Are They?

Mine were $129.99 which is around what I was paying for a pair of Brooks. You’re supposed to replace running shoes every 300-400 miles so I ONLY run in mine. I don’t do HIIT or walk the dogs in them. I use old tennis shoes for that!

Do You Like Them Better Than Brooks?

I think so. I’ve run in Brooks for years and kind of just got tired of them. It’s fun to have a new shoe! I don’t know if it’s a mental thing or not but my pace has consistently been 15 seconds better in the Hokas!! It could be just a mental thing, me feeling better in new shoes, etc. But who the heck cares, I’ll take the faster miles haha.

How’s Your Runner’s Knee?

Nonexistent at the moment! Mine flares up whenever my shoes start to get old. By the end of wearing my Brooks, it was so bad for a day I could barely put weight on that leg. Since I’ve been wearing my Hokas– no hip or knee pain!!

Hope this is helpful to any of you looking to make the switch!! I couldn’t recommend them more!