Instagram Outfits Update

I wanted a place to compile all of my favorite fall outfits from Instagram so I figured why not make a post about them?! I get some DMs about them so I thought I’d do my best to link where they are from!

My clothes are all from a variety of different places and mostly not currently in store but I’ll do my best to link everything that is current! I know this isn’t food related but I thought it would be fun to try out!

Outfit for church last Sunday! My Jacket, boots are old from Target but this seasons are here, skirt is old but linked a similar one, white long sleeve shirt here

I love love love fall + easy basic color combos! I love having a bunch of basic items and being able to combine them all together. Dressing up for church on Sundays is one of my favorite things!

This was from a few weeks ago on our staycation! We went to a pumpkin patch and it was SO fun. The first fall day really of the year!

Outfit: Sweater is from my grandma. Jeans here (I wear size 6- they run true to size!) , boots here and similar here. 

This picture is also from our staycation! We had a Chipotle picnic in the park (so much easier than making your own food haha) + went and saw a movie at a quirky local theater! Eli LOVES movies, I mostly just like popcorn and snacks haha.

Outfit: Long sleeve shirt here, Jean Overall Dress here (I have it in sky blue, wearing a M) boots are the same old ones from Target. (Also laughing at my apple watch screen being on hahaha)

Downtown coffee date on a Friday afternoon with Eli! Whenever we went to separate colleges, we always went on downtown coffee dates when we visited each other. This crop top is literally the most comfortable and cutest thing ever.

Outfit details: Jean Jacket here, crop top here, sports bra here, leggings here, tennis shoes are so so old.

Neighborhood walks are one of my favorite things we do a few times a week. Eli studies a ton for school so it’s really nice to be able to have 20 minutes set aside to just walk and talk about our days. Plus we live in such a pretty area!

Outfit: Sweater here, skirt here, boots again are old from Target haha.

Another neighborhood walk snap! We are so boring/ basic haha. I seriously would rather walk + talk than go out on a date! My dress got a little wrinkly whoops haha.

Outfit details: Dress (literally soooo cute) here. white tshirt again here 

 Picture from a college football game we went to to watch one of our high school friend’s husband play! He crushed it and they won! It was so fun tailgating and catching up with high school friends.

Outfit: Red Sweater here, jeans again here, boots are old from target!

Last one!! Outfit heading to the airport the other week to go visit my stepmom!

Outfit: Coat here, same shirt, same jeans, same boots haha. As you can see, my style is very basic and repetitive like my food haha.

Let me know on IG if you liked this!! I know it’s not food related but I get some questions about outfits so I thought this could be fun!!