Jackson Hole Guide and Recap

So excited to share all of the hikes we did and where we ate in this Jackson Hole guide and recap post! I researched where to eat, Eli researched where to hike haha. Together, I think we made it a pretty great trip! One thing to keep in mind is we went in October which is off season for them. It was pretty quiet, you could get into restaurants without reservations, and the trails weren’t crowded at all. But there was also a decent amount of restaurants and activities closed so that’s just something to keep in mind!

I’m going to break down everything we did day by day rather than putting it into categories like breakfast places or dinner places because I think it’s easier to follow along! If you would rather have another format, let me know in the comments!

We absolutely loved Jackson Hole and cannot wait to go back! On my bucket list for next time: horseback riding and the gondola ride up the mountain (it wasn’t open this time).

Where We Stayed:

We had never been to Jackson Hole before so weren’t really sure where the best place to stay would be. We ended up staying in Teton VIllage which we liked but we kind of wish we had stayed in downtown Jackson. Teton Village has about 10 restaurants and is a cute little area but is farther from Grand Teton National Park. You drive right through Jackson to get to the park so we could’ve saved about 15 minutes each way.

Here’s the link to the airbnb we stayed in! It was nice, clean, and cozy! LINK.

Night 1:

We arrived Wednesday evening so we grabbed dinner at Roadhouse Pub & Eatery. It was in downtown Jackson and about 20 minutes from the airport. It was the perfect causal spot after a long day of traveling with good food and drinks! I had made a reservation for us. That’s one thing I read everywhere when I was looking into Jackson Hole, make as many reservations as you can!

I had a sweater weather cocktail and Eli and spilt a burger! Would definitely go back.

Then we walked a few blocks to Bin22, a wine bar. They also had plenty of beer if you’re a beer drinker! The wine was great, we sat outside on a heated, covered patio. We didn’t have any food but they had small plates that looked good! A great spot to grab some drinks after or before dinner.

Wine Bar in Jackson Hole

Day 1:

This was the day we were worried about because the high was around 30 and it was supposed to snow. We weren’t sure what hiking would look like but still wanted to give it a shot. It ended up being my favorite day! Hiking in the snow was absolutely magic and I cannot wait to experience it again.

We got up and ready to hike. From Teton Village (where we stayed) to Grand Teton National Park it was about a 25-30 minutes to get into the park. You pass right through Jackson so we stopped every morning for breakfast and coffee before heading out.

We stopped at Pearl Street Bagels the first day and oh my goodness if you love savory breakfasts, you MUST get there early to snag a bagel sandwich. They only make a certain amount and once they’re out, they’re out.

Then we continued on to start our hikes! We did two hikes this day and loved them both!

The first hike was: String Lake Trail and it was 4.4 miles. It was classified as moderate and it was a fun hike! Not much incline which was nice because it was snowing pretty hard. Seeing the lake with all of the snow was the best. The trail was well marked and easy to follow. I always recommend the app AllTrails if you’re going on a hiking trip! It helps you stay on trail.

We decided to do another hike because it was so pretty out but wanted something easy and short. We did the Colter Bay Lakeshore Trail which was 2.5 miles and rated as easy. Hardly any incline and you had some beautiful views of the mountains and lake! A great hike to add onto another hike because it’s short and you get some good views.

Now onto food! We had a dinner reservation for later that evening but wanted some drinks and apps beforehand. So we went back to Roadhouse haha. We are so bad about repeating places we love but in our defense we all got different drinks and food from the night before!

I had a margarita and we all shared the buffalo cauliflower and pretzel sticks. The buffalo cauliflower was so good!

We went back to our airbnb and chilled a little bit before dinner. We had reservations at Calico which was close to Teton Village! Eli and I shared a pizza and salad. I keep saying this but it was great! We honestly didn’t have a bad meal here haha.


Day 2

We planned on doing a similar type of day to the day before: hiking in the morning and afternoon, happy hour, and then dinner. Eli and I decided to hike just the two of us because we wanted to do a longer hike and his parents wanted to stay back.

For breakfast, we stopped at Persephone Bakery. This was my favorite food of the trip! The pastries were just unbelievable. Even early in the morning during the off season, it was busy. Someone told us to order to go and it was a lot quicker so just FYI if you do try it out!

They also only make a set number of pastries so once they’re out, they’re out. Go early to snag the best goods and beat the line! They have the cutest outdoor seating area and even had a fire pit so it wasn’t too cold! My rec would be the maple scone or the pumpkin bread- both unreal!! I truly don’t think you can go wrong with anything from here.

Hiking: We hiked the Cascade Canyon Trail on this day which was supposed to be a 9.1 mile hike but that’s if you take a boat across Jenny Lake. The ferry was closed so we hiked around Jenny lake which added 1.5 miles one way (3 total). We ended up turning around and didn’t complete the full hike but did about 10 miles! We still had some amazing views, definitely the best views of all of the hikes we did!

We went back and met up with Eli’s parents and had a chill afternoon. The dinner reservations were at the Local which is in downtown Jackson. We left a little early to walk around downtown beforehand. The local was probably the most expensive restaurant we ate at but it was so so good! The drinks, the meals, and the dessert were all amazing. This was probably the most recommended dinner spot to me!

The famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is right next door so after dinner we headed over there to listen to some music. I think they had live music every night we were there. If you want a seat, get there a good amount of time before the music starts. I think we got there 45 minutes before and barely got a seat during the offseason. Such a fun environment and good music!

Day 3:

This was our last day! We thought about driving to Yellowstone this day but it was a 2 1/2 hour drive one way and we just didn’t want to spend that much time in the car when the weather was so nice! So we spent another day hiking and eating in Jackson.

We went back to the Persephone Bakery because we are horrible about repeating meals haha.

Hiking: we hiked the Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake Loop which was 6 miles and rated moderate. Out of all the hikes we did, this was probably my lowest rated. It was a great hike don’t get me wrong but the views weren’t as great at the other 3 hikes!

After we hiked, we headed back into Jackson to eat! We ate at Hatch and had the best spicy margs and nachos!! the perfect spot any day for happy hour! Eli and I shared the pulled pork nachos and the salmon tacos, both were so delicious!

Then we had a few hours to kill so we walked around downtown, went into some stores, got coffee at Cowboy Coffee. The weather was absolutely stunning and we were glad we didn’t head to Yellowstone for the day!

Now for our last dinner! We went to an Italian restaurant in Teton Village because we knew we had to be up early for our flight. We went to IL Villaggio Osteria. It was about half a mile from our Airbnb so that was super nice. Loved the food of course! The pizza was my favorite of the trip and the lasagna was perfection. Especially if you stay in Teton Village, this is a must if you love Italian food!

And then we left super early the next morning! Let me know if you have any other questions but I hope this Jackson Hole recap and guide was helpful for you. So jealous if you have a trip planned soon!!