January 2022 Book Review

Hi! I’ve been reading more this year and decided to do monthly recaps of all the books I read the month before. So here is my January 2022 Book Review! Okay, if you guys haven’t started using Libby, you must!! Go to your local library, get a library card, & download the Libby app. It pairs perfectly with my kindle & I love to listen to audiobooks on the app. I put all the popular books I want to read on hold & find older books by my favorite authors that are normally available to borrow immediately. Saves sooo much money & if you fall in love with a book you can still buy it.

I read 7 books this month and my goal is to read 50 this year so I’m feeling really good about that goal! I listen to books sometimes while I walk, run, & cook so I do count those as “read” even though I listened to them. In the reviews, I’ll add it it was an audiobook! I know some people don’t count them but I personally do!

What I Read This Month:

January Book Review

I had two five star books: The Vanishing Half & Reminders of Him. Completely different vibes but both great in their own way! I try to only give 5 stars to books I’d read again. I’m going to give just a little summary/review of each book!

Reminders of Him:

I love almost every Colleen Hoover book & have read them all! Reminders of Him is definitely in my top 3 of her books. I think everyone on TikTok right now is also obsessed with Colleen Hoover haha. If you’re looking for a heartfelt book that might make you tear up (not speaking from experience or anything….) this is the book! It has a lot of interesting family dynamics and you root for & against the main character which I really like.

5/5 stars!

The Vanishing Half:

This book is heavy. It’s so well written & the story is captivating but it’s heavy. It’s spans decades starting in the 50s. I thought the development of the two main characters was so interesting. The book follows the lives of two twin sisters & shows how heavily racism & sexism impact the course of their lives. It will definitely make you think, feel, & want more at the end.

5/5 Stars

The Hating Game:

If you want a fun, light hearted, funny, & easy read, read this! It was a cute story & I want to see the movie! Although sometimes I really did not like the main character, I felt like she was so oblivious at times. Overall though I enjoyed it & read it quickly! A very typical romcom type book.

4/5 Stars

The Escape Room (audiobook):

This is a thriller & I really liked it. Some parts were predictable but it still was a good story. The more I read thrillers, the better I am at predicting the endings haha. Does anyone else have that problem? The book is about a group of coworkers who go to an escape room for a team building event & end up trapped in an elevator. The book flashes back & forth between present time & past. You slowly start to learn more about each person stuck in the elevator & slowly figure out who isn’t telling 100% of the truth.

4/5 stars

The Wives (audiobook):

This is another thriller but this kept me guessing until the end! I love recapping the books I’m reading to Eli & I kept him updated the whole time with all my theories haha. I don’t want to say too much because now knowing how it ends, it’s harder to recap. But it’s from the perspective of a woman who is her husband’s #2 of 3 wives. Her husband keeps the other wives names/information secrete from each other but wife #2 slowly starts figuring out who the other wives are. But the more information she learns, the more she wants to know.

4/5 Stars

We Were Liars:

I didn’t love this book but I didn’t hate it. I thought it was kind of slow & repetitive at some points. I did love the setting though. The book centers around Cadence, the eldest granddaughter of an extremely wealthy, old money man. The own a private island that the entire family vacations to every summer. During Cadence’s 15th summer there, something happens & she gets a brain injury. She can’t remember any of the details surrounding the event & no one will tell her what happened. She returns a few summers later to try & put the pieces together.

3/5 stars

The Sixth Wedding (audiobook):

The sequel to 28 Summers, this is short & easy book. If you’ve read 28 summers, definitely give it a chance. It was some closure from the previous book but also I just didn’t love some of the storylines in this book.

3/5 stars

January Book Review

Okay, that’s it for my January 2022 Book Review! I’ll do another review for February. So far I’m planning to read City of Girls & Local Woman Missing. Very excited for both!