Lake Weekend Must Haves

We have been living for weekends at the lake! We’re lucky to live close to a lake so it’s an easy way to spend time with our family out in nature while also being socially distant. Today I’m sharing my lake weekend must-have-snacks and the easiest way to get them. ALDI just launched their new Curbside Grocery Pickup service and it makes grabbing last minute lake snacks (and groceries for the whole week) SO simple! 

*Thanks ALDI for partnering with me on this post!* 

I live for salty snacks on hot summer days! Besides fresh fruit, it’s the only thing that sounds good. Luckily ALDI has a variety of delicious, affordable GF and/or organic salty snacks. Their liveGfree pretzels are just 10/10 tasty. But I’m getting ahead of myself haha. First I’m going to show you the behind the scenes of the Curbside ordering process because it is a game changer!! 

Curbside Ordering

To start the Curbside process, you go to or use the ALDI mobile app to find a store near you that offers Curbside. Once you select your store, you browse the website or app to figure out what you need. I used the website and it was incredibly easy to search for exactly what I was looking for. In some instances, I browsed different sections to get an idea of the products that ALDI had to fit my needs. For example, I needed lots of snacks so I went to the snack section and browsed around. It was quick and simple to see the variety they had to offer! 

After I had everything I needed, I scheduled my pickup time. They had tons of options so there was a lot of flexibility depending on your schedule. You pick your time, place your order, and then I opted in for text messages updating me on my order. 

When I went to pick up the order, they were actually out of an item that I had ordered. Instead of throwing a random replacement item or canceling the item all together, an employee texted me options for replacing it. How cool and convenient is that?! I would’ve been so disappointed to not have salsa for all the chips I bought haha. 

Pick Up Process

When we arrived at ALDI, they had designated parking spots for Curbside. We pulled into one of those and I checked in via a link they texted me. An employee came out and loaded up all of our groceries into the trunk. We both had masks on and they had gloves on. It was contactless and so quick! We were out of there in less than a few minutes. It was so safe and efficient. 

Grocery Haul 

When we got back home, we unloaded the trunk and carried everything in. Of course, Eli broke into the snacks before we could even get them in the door haha. Some of my favorite ALDI items for a lake weekend are featured below! We bought at least 4x what could fit into a picture though haha. If you haven’t tried the Vista Bay Hard Seltzers, they’re a great summer drink! Also if you’re gluten free, make sure you stock up on the liveGfree line. The sea salt crackers and the pretzel twists are personal favorites. 

Some of my favorite items below! The Simply Nature Cauliflower Crackers paired with the Park Street Deli Cauliflower Dip is a dangerous combo… 

I bought lots of fresh fruit and fresh ingredients to make Eli’s *famous* guacamole! Aka the most basic guacamole recipe ever haha. But we pretend it’s famous around here 😉 It’s the best paired with the Simply Nature Blue Corn Tortilla Chips!