My Favorite Podcasts

I am a podcast enthusiast. I. Love. Podcasts. It’s a weird thing to love maybe but it’s the truth haha. Podcasts are so convenient to listen to when you’re busy doing something else like exercising, cooking, cleaning, etc. I finally compiled a list of my favorite podcasts to share with you all!

I remember when I first discovered podcasts senior year of college and it was a game changer for me. My first one was the crime podcasts, Up and Vanished. After that, I started listening to them on my walks to class, on my runs, on my long car rides home. You can learn so much in the time you’d normally spend being bored.

Now I listen to them when I run still, long drives, walks with the dogs, while I’m cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, etc. Eli’s parents got me airpods for Christmas last year and ever since then my obsession has gotten out of control because I’ll listen to them when I’m grocery shopping, on planes, anywhere that it might’ve been inconvenient to have a headphone wire.

I’m listing my favorite podcasts that I’ve really liked over the last few years. I go through phases of when I listen to them. This is a list of a bunch of ones I’ve loved but I don’t listen to them all every week. Whenever they have good podcasts guests or interesting topics, I listen to them!

I’m breaking them down into categories because there are just too many good ones! Hopefully this helps you find what you’re looking for 🙂

My other favorite activity besides listening to podcasts: drinking coffee 😉 Dress is linked here!


  1. The Morning Toast– Hosted by Claudia and Jackie Oshry (two sisters) who are so funny and break down the top 5 stories in pop culture every day. I love that it’s 5 days a week. Plus they have a huge Facebook community that’s a lot of fun to join. I’m in a lot of their Facebook groups about specific topics like home design, amazon, etc. I always save them to listen to on my runs because they make me laugh haha.
  2. Armchair Expert– Hosted by Dax Shepard. He has a wide variety of guests on. Celebrities, experts, directors, and just lots of interesting people. The episodes are long so it’s great if he has someone you’re really interested in on.
  3. LadyGang– Hosted by Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin- 3 ladies who have really different personalities but they work together really well! They have lots of different guests on- from celebrities, inspiring people, specific topics- I like seeing each week who they have on. Becca was on Glee so they have lots of Glee actors on!

Health Focused

  1. MindBodyGreen Podcast- Hosted by Jason Wachob, the founder of the massive health website MindBodyGreen. He has so many good interviews with founders/owners of some of my favorite health food companies (Perfect Bar, Justin’s, GT’s Kombucha) and so many health experts. The diets/lifestyles that each person talks about aren’t always exactly my philosophy but it’s nice to hear other opinions. You can learn so much in the hour/ hour and a half episodes.
  2. The Ultimate Health Podcast– Similar to the MBG podcast, this one has lots of health experts on. Hosted by a couple, Jesse and Marni who have a great dynamanic! Another podcast where you can learn a lot of valuable information.


  1. The Daily– This is the only news podcast that I listen to and I normally try and listen to it when I take the dogs out in the morning. A quick, 20-30 minute episode that breaks down a news story. I like how it’s a specific story so you can learn a lot about one topic. They also do a ‘here’s what else you need to know’ segment.

Bachelor/ Bachelor Alum

You guys probably know I’m also Bachelor obsessed… My mom and I always watched when I was a little girl and I’ve been obsessed ever since the days of seeing Brad Womack on my screen and mailing embarrassing fan mail (that looking back I doubt my mom even mailed…). So I love listening to Bachelor Recap Podcasts sometimes. I won’t break each one of these down too much, the last two are bachelor recap podcasts!

  1. Kaitlyn Bristowe Off the Vine– One of my favorite Bachelorettes of all time. She has way more than just Bachelor content. Her podcasts has lots of self love guests on, more than any other podcast I listen to. I’ve discovered lots of body positivity people on IG from her. She’s funny but also uses her platform to talk about important, woman empowerment type topics. Of course, lots of her podcasts are just fun and lighthearted too!
  2. Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast– They have bachelor alum on to recap the current season. It’s not super funny like other bachelor recaps but they have good guests on.
  3. The Snatchelor– Hosted by Margo Oshry, it’s a funny bachelor recap! It’s new so she hasn’t had any Bachelor guests but her and her sisters always have funny viewpoints on the season.


  1. Jenna Kutcher Goal Digger (shoutout to my girl Erin at for this suggestion!!)- This is the BEST podcast for all things social media related! Whether you’re an aspiring blogger or work on the business side of it- you’ll find lots of helpful information. Really, any entrepreneur will find some value from her podcast. Also follow her on IG- her little family is SO cute and she spreads some important messages.
  2. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her – Hosted by Lauryn and Michael, a couple who have such a funny banter and they have amazing business tips! Lauryn is a blogger and Michael is a businessman so they have really different perspectives. I learned so many tips about blogging from Lauryn, go back and listen to some of their earlier episodes for blogging tips!
  3. The Influencer Podcast– hosted by Julie Soloman. This one is really Instagram specific but again lots of great tips and insight!


  1. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her– I listed this twice because they have great beauty tips and skin experts on her podcast as well! I like her tips because a lot of them are affordable or she’ll give an affordable alternative.
  2. Breaking Beauty– Hosted by Carlene and Jill, two lifelong beauty editors. They breakdown new hot beauty trends, have experts on, and give useful beauty tips,

Overall Favorite Podcasts:

I wanted to do a quick roundup of my favorites because I know the list is long! I picked a diverse list, a little bit of everything! They’re all linked above as well.

  1. The Morning Toast
  2. Armchair Expert
  3. Almost Famous Podcast (just because it’s bachelor season and I’m obsessed haha)
  4. Goal Digger
  5. Mindbodygreen

What are you favorite podcasts?! I go back and forth on which I listen to each week! Always looking for new suggestions!