Nespresso Q&A!

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many questions about a kitchen appliance before so I wanted to do any easy blog post answering some of your top questions! So here’s a little Nespresso Q&A for you! We’ve had ours for almost a week now and LOVE it. If you follow along on my stories, you know it took some convincing to get Eli on board with getting one haha. But I think he likes it more than I do at this point!

nespresso review

Answering some of the top questions I got on stories!

Which nespresso did you get?

Linked here on Target!

This is the machine I got! I got the Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso machine! There are a bunch of different models at a lot of different price points. This is one of the more inexpensive models + it came with the frother included which I really wanted!

Is the frother worth it?

Speaking of the frother haha. YES! Everyone told me to get it and I wondered what all the hype was about. Well, if you’re getting the Nespresso to save money on getting coffee out- I highly recommend getting the frother too! It really does elevate the coffee and make it feel more like a drink you’d get at a coffee shop.

Does the frother get the milk hot?

Yes! The frother actually has the ability to heat the milk for a hot coffee or froth it for an iced drink. In the directions it explains exactly how to do this- your girl is still a newbie over here!

nespresso review

Where do you buy capsules?

I just stocked up on Nespresso’s app! Everyone has said that is the best to get them for deals and stuff. You can get them on Amazon, Target, Williams Sonoma, Macys- places like that too! I ordered a bunch from Nespresso’s app to use the coupon that came with my machine.

Can you buy off brand capsules?

For the Vertuo line, no unfortunately not. Off brand capsules aren’t compatible with it. I believe the more expensive models you are able to use off brand capsules!

How Much Are Capsules?

About $1-$1.10 each. So we’re limiting ourselves to one a day! Compared to getting coffee out for both of us, this definitely is a money saver in the long run- especially if you can find a Nespresso on sale! I’ll always post a good deal if I see one on my stories.

Can you recycle the capsules?

Yes! When you order capsules, you can ask for a recyclable pouch. The way my Nespresso is set up, it has a little compartment on the machine for discarded capsules. You empty that into your bag then send them back to Nespresso for them to recycle! And it’s free to do!

Which capsules are your favorite?

Will report back on this! I wasn’t paying attention the first few times so I can’t answer this yet. But I have a bunch of new flavors coming soon!

Is the coffee sweet?

There are a bunch of different flavors just like with regular coffee! So you can get just a regular coffee or a fancy flavored one!

Is the coffee hot?

Yes especially with frothed hot milk on top!

Is it coffee or espresso?

Both! Well, it makes both. The way it works (for my machine!) is there are different capsules that do different things/ are different sizes. They’re labeled on top so you know which is which. So you can order coffee pods, espresso pods, double espresso, large coffee ones, iced coffee ones, etc. I know different machines may not have this exact system though!

But even the coffee tastes 100x better than coffee I make in the coffee pot!

How does it compare to a keurig?

Although they are both single serving machines, I feel like they’re a lot different! We had a keurig and liked it but it was just a more convenient way to get the same type of coffee we brew in a pot. Just a smaller amount and less work. We didn’t have a fancy keurig machine though! I know they have good latte machines.

So if you compare the traditional Keurig to the Nespresso, a Nespresso coffee tastes much more like what you would get at a coffee shop. Even without adding milk on top, the coffee itself is frothy. I love starbucks ( I know real coffee lovers are rolling their eyes here haha) but I think a Nespresso coffee is almost better! I know we won’t be going to coffee shops as much now that we have this because it feels like we have a little coffee shop in our home!

It the machine loud?

Not really! It definitely makes a little noise but I would still use it even if people were asleep. NOTHING like my Vitamix… haha.

Hope you got some good info out of this Nespresso q&a! And if you’re trying to convince your SO to get one well just know my husband resisted and now he thinks it’s the best purchase we’ve ever made! Send that to your SO along with a good deal 😉