One Year Anniversary

One year anniversary! Yesterday for my birthday I shared 10 facts about myself. Today I thought it would be fun to share some wedding pictures + facts about Eli and I as a couple. Hope they give a little insight into us and our life! The first five were the same that were on IG so skip to 6-10 if you came over from Instagram!

Also our wedding pictures were taken by the fabulous D-Squared Designs!

1) We first started dating at 16, we had lockers close to each other. I waited months for Eli to make a move and then I made it haha.  Although we disagree on who made the first move, I texted him and suggested we see a movie together. Then he picked the time and place (so I definitely made the first move right?)

2) We went to separate colleges so we did long distance for 4 years. We broke up twice but never for very long, Eli couldn’t stay away  haha. 

3) Eli says he knew at 16 that we’d get married but I’m more cynical and thought we’d never make it through college lol. Eli was right (the one and only time) 

4) Eli’s more sentimental than I am and as you can see from these wedding pictures, shows his emotions more which I love. Except I tend to awkwardly laugh if he starts tearing up… Eli said “I’m definitely the crier in this relationship” 

5) I’m an enneagram 9 and Eli’s a 2 if you know what that means! So basically we’re both easy going until we’re not haha. 

6) Eli is incredibly organized while I’m not, to say the least… So whenever we’re going somewhere together he’s in charge of keeping track of everything haha

7) Random Pet peeves of each other: I always leave cabinet and drawers open and Eli runs into them… oops. He does the typical male thing and leaves the toilet seat up. 

8) Eli’s a morning person and I’m not. I need time to wake up and he’s just ready to go about his day. So I’ve had to learn to be nicer in the mornings and he’s learned to not talk a mile a minute as soon as we get up lol. 

9) We’re both very competitive and during this quarantine, we’ve been playing games just the two of us a lot more. We’ve learned we can only play games with set rules so Scattergories is a no go haha.

10) We’re similar in a lot of ways but we have very different interests in just about everything haha. He’s a movie person, I fall asleep 10 minutes in. I love to read and Eli only reads for school. I love to be outside and on the go in my free time while Eli recharges best taking it easy. I would have 10 dogs if I could, but I had to convince Eli to let me bring Tippy along when we moved in together (now he loves her more than he loves me haha). Even with our differences, we still manage to get along pretty well 🙂