Running Tips and Tricks

Sharing some of my favorite running tips and tricks I’ve picked up throughout the years. I’m in no way an expert but these are just things I’ve noticed have helped me a lot! I’ve been consistently running since college so I’ve definitely had my ups and downs with it. Let me know if you have any more questions for me in the comments! 

1. Invest in Running Shoes 

I always have horrible knee pain if I don’t have good running shoes. Go to a running shoe store near you and get fitted by a professional. Everyone’s feet are so different, what works for someone might be horrible for another. If you don’t have a running store near you, order some off a store that has a good return policy. I like using Zappos and I also heard Hoka has a good return policy. 

Now that you have good running shoes, make sure you roughly keep track of your miles. Most people replace running shoes about 300-450 miles. When they wear out, they cause me tons of issues. 

2. Build Distance Slowly

Figure out where you’re at distance wise and build from there. So, if you’re able to run one mile, start there. Take a look at your week ahead and plan to have one day that you build each week. Start out trying to add on .5- 1 mile. Then slowly build up your runs during the week too. Have 1-2 days focused on building distance. Just make sure you don’t get discouraged by slowly building. It’s the safest and most sustainable way to do it, even if it isn’t as glamorous. 

Another option is to do a run walk. Run 1 mile, walk .5, run 1 mile, walk .5. Then all of the sudden you’ve gone 3 miles! Start to decrease the walking distance and increase the running distance. 

3. Hydration is Key. 

Staying hydrated is so important always but especially when working out/running. I don’t always feel thirsty after a tough run but I can get dehydrated easily. Which can become a problem- headaches, low energy, and other issues. There were afternoons after I’d go for a run that I would feel so tired and just have to lay down. Well, that’s because I wasn’t thirsty so I wasn’t drinking water. 

I have loved adding Beam Elevate hydration packets into water bottles. They taste great, they’re made with ingredients like,himalayan salt, coconut water and zinc. Not only will these powders deliver the hydrating properties from the ingredients, they can target specific needs: digestive balance, enhanced energy and supportive recovery.

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4. Fuel Properly

Fueling yourself for runs is so important. You need to have energy to get through a tough run. When I wasn’t eating enough, miles felt so much longer because I was literally running on zero energy. Our bodies need food just to fuel everyday activities so you need to make sure you’re adding in some extra fuel for run days. I can always tell a difference on days I don’t eat enough or didn’t eat enough the day before. 

Also on long runs, bring some fuel along with you! I love to bring small protein bars, some running gummy bites, some nuts. Anything that’s easy to digest! Make sure you’ve eaten it before though. You don’t want anything to upset your stomach on a long run. 

5. Take Rest Days! 

Adding in at least one rest day a week (I normally add in two) is so important. Your body absolutely needs time to recover. I don’t love taking rest days, especially when I’m training for something. In my mind, if I want to get better I need to be putting in the time daily. But not taking rest days is an easy way to injure yourself. I always feel so much healthier when I add in at least one rest day a week. Plus it makes it nice on a busy day to know it’s your rest day! 

6. Plan out your runs the weekend before

I’ve been planning out my runs the Friday before and it has helped me so much! I’ll take a look at the weather, factor in what distances I’m trying to hit, and plan out the week. It helps me stay on track and stops me from just randomly deciding a distance halfway through a run. Highly recommend this, especially if you’re training for something! 

7. Add in strength training and sprints. 

I saw the biggest difference in my split times when I started incorporating more weights and sprints. I despise lifting weights but the more I’ve done it, the more I enjoy it! I use the Peloton app and love the variety they have! 

I hope these tips were helpful! Thanks to Beam for sponsoring this post!