Winter Running Favorites

Sharing some of my personal favorite running favorites and running favorites from others! Running in the winter isn’t ideal but with the proper gear, it’s tolerable and even at some points enjoyable!

My biggest tip is to layer. You always start out so much colder then you warm up as you go. And if you don’t layer, then you’re stuck in those super warm clothes and get hot. Running in the winter is hard enough without going from cold to super sweaty haha.

What’s your favorite winter weather running item?! Let me know in the comments!

Running Gloves 1&2

#1 Amazon Tech Gloves– These are great tech gloves. They’ve held up well too!

#2- Lululemon Run For It All Gloves– These are also great tech gloves but fit a lot nicer than the amazon ones.

Mock Neck Shirts

I love having a shirt to wear under a more lightweight jacket.

#3- Under Armor Shirt (save)- warm and tight

#4- Nike Shirt (splurge)- a nice material and I’ve had mine since high school!

Ear Warmers

A necessity!

#5- Amazon Ear Warmer (save)- a good running ear wamer!

#6- Lululemon Ear Warmer (splurge)- such cute colors and holds up well!

Neck Warmer

Another piece of clothing I love for winter running!

#7- Amazon Neck Warmer (save)- a good option if you want to try it out and aren’t sure if you’ll like it!

#8- Lululemon Neck Warmer (splurge)- a great, high quality item that will last for years.

Warm Outdoor Running Jacket

#9- Lululemon Down For It All Jacket (splurge) – this is my dream outdoor running jacket!

#10- Old Navy Jacket (save)- this is the jacket I currently have! It’s a good jacket to layer with other items.

Warm Outdoor Running Leggings

#11- Under Armour Cold Gear Leggings (save)- these are so warm!

#12- Lululemon Fast and Free High Rise Leggings (splurge)- also so warm and the best material!

Let me know your holy grail running items in the comments if you have them!