Sedona and Lake Powell Travel Guide

I’m so excited to share this Sedona and Lake Powell Travel Guide. We spent the best 8 days out in Arizona! We went straight to Sedona, spent a few days there, then headed up to Page, AZ and Lake Powell. Below is our itinerary for an 8 day trip! All of the hikes that we did, where we stayed, and of course all of the delicious food we enjoyed. Just a side note, all of the hikes are named as they are in the app “All Trails” which is a free app we use for hikes! I highly recommend it.

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Day 1: Travel Day + Hiking

This day was dedicated to traveling to Arizona! We had a little time to hike and relax, too. We flew into Phoenix, but then had to rent a car to drive to Sedona, which took about 2 hours! Before we checked into our Airbnb -which we LOVED!- we decided to go for a hike and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Day 1 Hike: Fay Canyon Trail (2.3 miles, fairly easy!)

This was an out & back hike which is always nice with a baby because you can turn around easier. 

Late Lunch: We grabbed a bit to eat at SaltRock Restaurant. We had the lobster tacos, chips, guac, & salsa, and their margaritas. The view here was so beautiful! And their margaritas were my favorite in Sedona.

Day 2: Hiking + Delicious Food

Breakfast: We grabbed coffee and breakfast at Local Juicery. This is a must!! Their Local Coffee drink is a coffee drink blended with almond butter. Omg it is unreal! Their smoothie bowls are also delicious. We went there almost every morning!

Hike: Gordon’s Ridge Via Boyton Canyon Trail (4.4 miles)

Overall this hike was moderate, I didn’t think it was difficult until the end. I didn’t go up into subway cave with Palmer but Eli did! It’s not difficult to get to just not very baby friendly.

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Lunch: After the hike we enjoyed a late lunch at Whole Foods. Their sandwich bar is so underrated! Just good, simple, healthy food.

Dinner: We kept it simple and had pizza takeout for dinner from Pisa Lisa. So good! there’s nothing better than some pizza after a day of hiking and staying active. 

Day 3: Hiking + Pool Time

Hike: Chicken Point Via Broken Arrow to High on the Hog (4.6 miles)

This hike was moderately difficult but we found it manageable enough with a baby and saw another family with a baby. There was hardly anyone on this trail but it was our favorite of the trip!

The views the entire time were amazing. I can’t believe how incredible Arizona is! 

Lunch: We had a late lunch at Hideaway House. It’s 5 minutes away from the trailhead! I ordered the shrimp gnocchi and it was delicious! Their prickly pear margarita was super refreshing after the hike too. This spot was the best spot for views while eating that we went to! 

Dinner: After this we just went back to the airbnb, swam and ate leftovers for dinner. We were feeling pretty tired from all the adventure! 

Day 4: Rest Day + Jerome Excursion

Breakfast: We ate a wonderful breakfast at Mesa Grill! It was nice to just take some time to eat and enjoy, without being in a rush to the next activity.

This was our rest day! We had a chill morning and just relaxed at the Airbnb. We swam in the pool, relaxed, and just took it easy after a few busy days. 

Jerome Excursion: We went to Jerome for the afternoon. This is a super unique and funky town about 45 mins away from Sedona. They call it a ghost town but it was fun to walk in all the shops! The drive there is really pretty too. It was nice to do something a little different but still cool. 

Lunch: We had a late lunch at Haunted Hamburger in Jerome. It was a fun, themed meal that fit the trip perfectly.

Day 5: Hike + Drive To Lake Powell

This was our last day in Sedona! We checked out of our Airbnb and decided to get one last hike in to take in the breathtaking scenery before heading off to Lake Powell.

Hike: Seven Sacred Pools Via Soliders Pass to Brins Mesa Loop (5 miles)

This trail was moderate but it felt very baby friendly. I would definitely recommend it!

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Lunch: We had a late lunch at Sedona Beer Company, close to the trailhead. This was another fun outdoor dining spot. 

Travel: After the hike and lunch, it was time to head out and drive to Lake Powell in Page, Arizona. The total drive was 3 1/2 hour without stops. Palmer was amazing the entire trip but she struggled on this car ride. It was about 2 hours of a screaming, unhappy baby. But, we all lived to tell the tale and we arrived at Under Canvas Lake Powell, where we stayed for this leg of the trip.

Day 6: Lake Powell Activities

This was our day of activities! We had a few bucket list things to check off. First, we went to Horseshoe Bend. This was so pretty but it was so crowded. I loved seeing it but it was a short stop since it was so packed. I didn’t want to stick around too long. 

Then we went to Antelope Canyon, which was incredible! Pictures can’t do it justice. It was unreal to see in person. 

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This is the kind of place you see in National Geographic. The natural beauty of it is breathtaking. But again, it was so crowded. We did Upper Antelope Canyon with Palmer because we had heard that lower antelope canyon was hard to get to. I would’ve done lower antelope canyon without a baby, though.  

Dinner: We wanted to keep it simple and easy after a busy day. Under Canvas had great food so we went back and enjoyed dinner there. 

Day 7: Last Full Day

This was our last full day and it was one of my favorite days of the trip. A perfect end to a perfect vacation! 

First, we did a boat tour on Lake Powell. We went EARLY at 8am and it was the BEST time of day for Palmer. The tour company we used was Lake Powell Experience and we loved our tour guide Lans! I would highly recommend this. We did a 2 hour tour but I wish we had done a longer boat day- it was so much fun! Then we rested for a bit and went for a hike in the later afternoon. 

Hike: Buck Tank Draw and Birthday Arch (4.2 miles)

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This hike was moderately difficult and it wasn’t the best marked trail. We ended up not making it to birthday arch because it was too steep with Palmer but it was still a fun hike! This was right by Under Canvas which was super convenient. 

Dinner: Since we had a good routine going, we kept it easy and enjoyed a dinner at Under Canvas again. 

Day 8: Travel Day

Since we were flying out of Phoenix again, we had to make the 4.5 hour drive from Page. We left early to make sure we had plenty of time! It was hard to leave such a beautiful place.

Overall this was an amazing trip and I thought it was totally doable with a 7 month old. Of course we had to keep our plans flexible with her but I love seeing the world through her eyes. Where have you traveled with a baby?! We need more ideas!