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Strawberry Jalapeno Tequila Soda

You are going to love this Strawberry Jalapeño Tequila Soda. It’s a simple sweet and spicy drink! During the summer, I experiment with different fresh and healthy ingredients to make fun cocktails; drinks like these are perfect for entertaining or for those evenings spent outdoors. These aren’t toooo spicy, but you can adjust based on preference! Mixing flavors like spicy and sweet can make classic recipes fun and exciting! Something about strawberries and jalapeños together just tastes like summer. Add this one to your summer drink idea list. Let me know what you think! 

What You Will Need For This Recipe:




Tonic Water


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Strawberry Jalapeno Tequila Soda

Strawberry Jalapeño Tequila Soda. A simple sweet and spicy drink.

Prep Time
5 Minutes


1 cup strawberries (halved) 

1 jalapeño (I seeded this to make it less spicy), diced 

1 tsp lime zest 

Juice of 1 lime 

4 ounces tonic water 

24 ounces tequila (depending how strong you want it, I used two) 


Blend together the strawberries, jalapeño, lime zest, & lime juice 

Add into a shaker bottle with ice, tonic water, & tequila 

Shake & then serve! 

Top with fresh strawberries & jalapeños