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Overnight Maple Cinnamon Oats

If you need an easy meal prep breakfast- overnight oats are your answer! They are so easy to make the night before and then you can eat them cold or warm them up in the morning. These overnight maple cinnamon oats are the perfect fall/winter flavor too. Paired with a warm cup of coffee- the best cozy breakfast!

I made overnight oats at least 3 times a week in college because oats are SO inexpensive and last FOREVER! You can get a huge container at Aldi for just a couple dollars. And if you’re really trying to stick to a budget- you can pair them with water. I personally like almond milk to make them more flavorful and thicker but do what works best for you!

Another good thing about oatmeal is you can seriously do an unlimited amount of combos or recipes with it. I love baked oats (like my Gingerbread Baked Oats and Apple Cinnamon Baked Oats) and oat balls as well! It’s almost impossible to get bored of them (but then again I’m a meal repeater haha)

If you make them the night before, you have no excuse to not have a healthy breakfast in the morning. You can literally grab the jar out of the fridge, grab a spoon, and eat them walking out the door. Combine all the ingredients into a jar, shake it up, and store it the the fridge. I use an old mason jar or an old peanut butter glass jar. A Tupperware container would work too!

I added pure maple syrup and a lot of cinnamon to really add a good fall/winter taste to them. But honestly you could eat this flavor combo anytime of year! Topped this bowl with caramelized bananas- you just heat a pan over low medium heat, coat bananas in cinnamon, add some coconut oil into the pan, and cook the bananas for a minute or two on each side.

I also added some kefir (packed with protein and probiotics), chopped dates, and organic peanut butter. I like to have toppings that have fiber, protein, and healthy fats. The dates add a nice little sweetness to the bowl!

Easy, meal prep breakfasts make eating healthy easier. This recipe is also relatively inexpensive which makes healthy eating more accessible. Both a win-win in my book! Hope you all enjoy the recipe and HAPPY FRIDAY!!



overnight maple cinnamon oatmeal with peanut butter, kefir, dates, and bananas on top in a white bowl

Overnight Maple Cinnamon Oats

These overnight maple cinnamon oats are a great healthy meal prep option for a breakfast on the go!

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
0 minutes
oatmeal with peanut butter, kefir, dates, and bananas on top in a white bowl


1/2 cup rolled oats

3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

2 tsp organic pure maple syrup

1 tbsp cinnamon


  1. Combine all ingredients into a glass jar with a lid
  2. Shake up and refrigerate overnight
  3. Enjoy the next morning with your favorite toppings!