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Plant Based Pasta

10 minute plant based pasta is the perfect dinner for a busy night! I used Banza chickpea pasta which is pretty similar to regular pasta. It cooks the same way and has a great pasta texture! If you haven’t tried chickpea pasta- I highly recommend trying it out!

This pasta bowl provides the comfort of pasta but is also loaded with veggies and protein. You can’t beat that combo! If you’re craving pasta but also want to make sure you’re getting veggies in- this meal is your answer.

I sautéed some veggies in a skillet- use whatever veggies you have on hand! I used zucchini, leftover cooked brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and broccoli. It’s a great meal because you can really switch it up depending what you have on hand.

I sautéed the veggies while the pasta cooked and it all took about 10 minutes in total. Ready to eat in under 15!  I kept it simple with an organic pasta sauce. Keep an eye out for sneaky added sugar in these. I always check the ingredients to make sure they haven’t added sugar into it.

I crave warm meals alllll fall and winter long. It’s already snowing here so I am ready for all the cozy meals!! Aka this meal will be on repeat a couple times a week because it’s so simple and easy. It’s great to have easy ideas like this one in the bank for when you need a quick meal!

Hope you love it as much as I do!

Plant Based Pasta

Easy plant based pasta packed with veggies and protein!


1/2 cup chickpea pasta- I used Banza

Organic pasta sauce


Cherry Tomatoes

Brussel Sprouts



Italian Seasoning

Oil- I like using avocado oil


  1. Boil water and heat a skillet over medium heat
  2. Add oil into the pan then add in cut up zucchini, tomatoes, and I added leftover brussel sprouts and broccoli. Use any veggies you want!
  3. Cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes
  4. When the water is at a boil, add pasta in. Let cook for 8-12 mins
  5. Combine cooked veggies and pasta into a bowl on top of spinach. Add is as much pasta sauce as you want. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning and dig in!
Pasta in a bowl with tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and greens on a wood background